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Product Description

The LE3000S is an “all digital” signal processor and test device primarily aimed at Mastering applications; with the primary processing function of real-time sample frequency conversion and Wordlength reduction with αcoustic βit Correction™ dither and noise shaping. There are AES XLR and S-PDIF RCA digital inputs and outputs, and an XLR AES sync input for external synchronization; which can also accept Word Clock inputs with the appropriate adapter or adapter cable.

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For general information see sample frequency conversion and αcoustic βit Correction™ .




Digital inputs

The digital input of the LE3000S is either a female XLR connector for AES or RCA socket for S-PDIF stereo digital audio. The input can be selected via a setting in the front panel LCD screen, and only one input is active at any time.

Digital outputs

The digital outputs of the LE3000S are (1) male XLR connector and (1) RCA socket; which transmits either AES professional or S-PDIF consumer stereo digital audio. Both outputs are active at the all times and both will output the format selected via front panel settings.


The LE3000S provides (1) female XLR input connection for either AES sync or Word Clock input with sample frequencies in the range of 40-50 kHz. Word Clock sources can be connected using the appropriate adapter or adapter cable. The type of sync is selectable in the Main screen of the front panel LCD display. The front panel also has a "Lock" indicator that illuminates when the LE3000S is synchronized to the external input (but never during internal clock operation). There are setting for the output sample frequency except for 2:1 downsampling; which causes the LE3000S to always output the digital audio signal at one-half the input sample frequency. The output is synchronous in 2:1 downsampling mode; and asynchronous in all other modes except “Bypass.” Both “WC WIDE LOCK” and “XLR AES WIDE LOCK” settings are provided external clocking for non-standard frequencies between 40 and 50 kHz (such as vari-speed applications); but will not provide as much immunity from jitter as the sample frequency specific modes, which employ a sophisticated crystal-referenced internal clock signal to ensure high quality sample rate conversion.

AC Power

The LE3000s adjusts automatically to AC power inputs of 90-264 VAC @ 47-63Hz. There are no settings to change.

For more details see Voltage setting

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