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Product Description

The LavryBlack DA11 is a stereo digital to analog converter that accepts stereo digital audio via XLR, RCA, optical, and USB and outputs line level analog audio. There is also a built-in headphone amplifier and front panel 1/4" headphone jack. A stepped analog Volume control adjusts both the main line output and the headphone output level.

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For general information see digital to analog converter.




1.) Line inputs The AD11 has "Combo connectors" that can accept XLR or 1/4" T.R.S. or T.S. phone plugs for balanced or unbalanced sources. The XLR inputs can also accept low impedance microphone inputs.

The 1/4" input is wired in a standard manner so the tip is the "+" signal conductor for either T.R.S. or T.S. connections. The sleeve is the "-" signal conductor for T.R.S. connections and would be grounded by the sleeve in T.S. connections.

The XLR input is Pin 2 "+" and Pin 3 "-" for normal signal polarity. Thus, for unbalanced Line level XLR connections, the "hot" signal conductor would be connected to Pin 2 and the signal return would be connected to Pin 3. In Microphone mode, the AD11 accepts ONLY low impedance balanced microphone inputs.

2.) Digital outputs The digital outputs consist of (1) male XLR,(1) RCA socket, and (1) USB connector.

The output format for both the XLR and RCA outputs is selected by front panel setting for "AES" or "SPDIF" (which is IEC 60958 type II).

The USB output utilizes the native OS drivers for both windows and Apple operating systems.

Operating tips


(link to manual)

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